Digital Education



1. Background
2. Problem formulation
3. Intention and To The Effect
4. Vision and Mission
5. Source Lents Fund
6. Scope

1 Background

Epoch developing that really quick regard our life everyday, about quick effloresce technology it at Indonesia so ascendant on activity student of course it. Particularly upturned tehnologi and entertainment biz that gets to pull, one that poison activity student to trip its knockabout activity. Mostly students present a lot of telena into effloresce entertainment biz present, so forgetting the importance for studying activity.

Until currently is still can be accounted how much person which wants to think critical and not wants alone forward. At present life, all something of thing that most little until one outgrows, was obviously utilize knowledge basic that is equal to.

Seeing such a condition, are not meaning direct trip learning. That thing because happening thinking that at gets from subtracted it education. Riset proves that aughts schooled media of before until now apparently result brain human it becomes one knowledge basing to trip learning that hereafter.

Evenless while we want to sight from culture, was obviously will get a lot of food for thought. In term culture so ascendant in formative thinking, evenless environment and absolutely everything society has one so brain pemikiranya's extent.

Historically aught terminologicals most person, deserved person get education until nine year are richeses, and enough poor man becomes slave made of money. See that, just how cruel it universalizes this. But it can evident, because on successful person reality, mostly apparently formerly was rich of its forbear. In the meantime person which formerly indigent, its work doesn't make a abode and income so reducing does not have seed money that adequately, can't grow. But there is also that begins from little become to outgrow. All that depends on the way management,obviously constituted marks sense studying willingness.

Therefore horrible if education becomes degree contention arena. Eventually is not everybody shall get education that reasonably. Then no chance for they develop patterned thinking that its following will result creativity each, even whatever that its form. And if man will only utilize its energy to result something that for viability.

Heretofore that phenomenon still prevailing. Really correctness to step to something that spirit, require a lot of support. Particularly of family and society. How is that thing will materialize if support of oldster no, one for example oldster word your “ has studious, so graduate and gets work that reasonably ” . even that can good tell, but what conditioner lives that job, even really everybody shall job to pass off life. Seems to be in that case available that don't all done, Because heretofore deep schooled it also there is option. And that option is chanted for all student, while ability each different that man.

But present one will schools have become conditioner arena one lifes. Eventually school is one of various trick to get a teaching.. Even is not just that,happening oft a problem that trouble teaching and learning activity, maybe subtracted tending student understands the importance for that studying activity. Oftentimes that instance happening even is commonplace happening deep an its happening place activity studies and teaching.

But all it will impacted positive if we get to have a command over at fraught life entertainment biz lure. Adapt to that progress is indispensable, since progress in self gets to be reached for and is developed with every consideration. Someone can reach for progress within itself if has an attitude want to study, are not only at school just even where only, any time. Studying is a Event that shall be done each student, because only by studying just we get to gain control a present life and succeeding.

Therefore if we have someone knowledge will be easily to face all problem that, and basic to face learning activity and studying process that hereafter.

2 Problem formulation

To know scholarship developing problem and research pickings most now concerning with education upgrade effort. Make More Productive therefore terminological basics of;

1.    New philosophy, that Integration among Technological Information, communication, digital, and computer goes to in various sophisticated communication medium; "tool" in children generation life and the rising generation, constitute "foundation" for their life at proximately. This technological developing forwards no longer merely linear phenomenon, but will experience gigantic developing (folded eksponensial / double its growth) . At future, the rising generation will be brought up on technological formative pickings micro super (nano technology) one that will change life characteristic. In consequence, its consequence, students has to get stock purchasing at Informations Technological area, Communication, and Computer that menyatu as part of their learning process everyday. Since Tehknologi's role so ascendant to learning progress.

2.    Paradigm in processes teaching and learning ought to experience changing 360 degrees, of teacher role as source of scholarship owner main, as active as student role arranges exploration, creation , and innovation in scholarship search process. Can recognize potency each student, and each student adjoininging to develop it maximum ala. (It doesn't be meant that at learning system future to result student that individualism; but is meant that each student individual shall chance upon to develop its potency optimal ala.) Know and accepts alone ability, like whichever also stripling which haven't known its ability. If stripling is asked about excess and its lack that they must will faster answer about lack which its proprietary compared with by excess that had by it. That thing points out that that stripling haven't known ability itself. If that thing be not been solved on this adolescence indeed wills be problem for succeeding developing task (adulthood or even until notwithstanding old).

3.    School as Organisational As teachable (learning organization) . In consequence, respondent can Bring Off changing to render as student Organization. But all it still also been required an activity studies outside school, because there are many activity at home one gets to wreck student personality, obviously an activity who can revamp that student as lazy studying and school departed. Particularly if teracuni by entertainment biz so as lazy does something

4.    Students feels that swasta's organisational role (big firms) really active deep give financial resource support in bound up activity for education upgrade. Even oldster role really at needs cannikin as associate as associate direct. But most busyness oldster by jobs, so no time think up its child developing, besides available also about problem other which is knowledge the limited that proprietary oldster, less appealed by its child.

5.    Teachers of all school has the honour as school / twinning school's partner (interscholastic partnership) in collaboration mutually advantages to make ready student faces globalization era. Giving guidance to all community pass circle this collaborative learning. Since counsellor teacher role very essential, somehow we students thirsty will knowledge and elaborate life experience, so really need guidance to reach to new epoch developing that progressively goes forward.

6.    Membered gets active role and mutually knowledge share with humanity applies an organisational performance efficiency. Form a student squire relationship that mutually advantages. Strengthening self-command on a basic scale value and norm. Giving history recognition or history basic hit aim and intention meaning to friends. Asking out friend discussion about thing which get bearings with upturned its studying.
3. Intention and to the effect
Studying becomes thing requirement most importantly of life. But if haven't perceived needs, shall how?. Knowing NEARER THE INFINITE as requirement which sometimes unrealised by alone student. About extent science,If keen one area, are not its meaning forget the other science. We also May Not blind by extern the world.
About natural philosophy, geography knowledge, art, culture, and other as it. We need to know it all.

We all need are ardour. Are not just continually complain for what do befall we. But how growing is ardour that, while while the one is ardour the other complain. Finally unlikely, beginning lazy virus scatter in learned rushing.

We one deep togetherness, but sometime aught on the contrary mutually strikes down. Don't agree with to have say it strove for that. Match against argument that
sometimes on the contrary mutually drives into a corner the other.

We have to universalize and anxiety each, really such. But what may not if we occasion time for collaborative learning. Having requirement with. Is not it possible we study alround with at class.

keenest one area, are not its meaning forget the other science,. We also may not blind by extern the world. About natural philosophy, geography knowledge, art, culture, and other as it. We shall need knows all it.

We all need are ardour. Are not just continually complain for what do befall we. But how grow is ardour that. But if was poisoned entertainment biz, finally unlikely wills be lazy. But if we optimism, all that we wants must will materialize ”.

We one deep togetherness, but sometime aught on the contrary mutually strikes down. Don't agree with to have say it strove for that. Match against argument sometimes on the contrary drives into a corner the other. Most importantly it for term studies consistently and ala effort get obviously. dignity must in student grasp.

We have to universalize and anxiety each, really such. But what may not if we occasion time for collaborative learning, do work with, having requirement with. Is not it possible we study alround with.

Since the importance for studying activity and teaching therefore of that we with want to build an activity that we attribute to all age circle by form a collaborative learning community that will beyond do school hour (to is formal).

According to result of that study therefore acquired an intention and to the effect ala extends which is;

1. Advancing nation education
2. Build a collaborative learning activity that mutually advantages
3. Performing activity does work student squire
4. Advancing behalf with love nation culture, nature, humanity
5. Price and loves child opus result nation

4. Vision and Mission

1.     Advance nation educations
2.     Banding together collaborative learning (outside school)
3.     Form a group discussion with
4.     Giving for's guidance student
5.    For growing is empowerment studies
6.     Mutually helps deep activity study
7.     Make is talent and skill students
8.     Love nation Cultures, nature, and humanity
9.     Loving nation culture and for growing
10.  Respecting nation culture
11.  As place of student creativity arena
12.  Mutually please help humanity squire
13.  Loving humanity, nature, and all the infinite being
14.  Doing opus title activity among student
7 Facility
with our internet connection facilitywe we  can do learning and  sharing with searching article or book . We can read and studying with browsing . there student can look for its studying requirement ,like digital library.
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